My first recipe invention:


Take 1 bowl full of oil. Cut toasted chabata bread into pieces and put in the oil, so that half chabata floats in the oil.
Take some chili peppers and oregano and make into a paste using oil and yogurt. Then add a sprinkle of water, mix it all up and make it into a paste.
Take some avocado, put it into a bowl, mix it, until it’s a mush. Add some salt then mix some oil.
Take a look at the chabata and take them out slowly so that only one side of the chabata is still in oil. Dry it and the take a little bit of avocado and make little dots on the dry side of chabata. Put the chabata back into the oil on the dry side now, so that it sold too.
After a few mits it will look like green polka dots. Then take add all the rest of pindis , that is, the spicy paste and the avocado paste into the oil.  Now your soup is ready.
 Now , just for something to dip into the soup, take tow halves of a chabata bread and put them in a plate, along with the soup. Sit back and enjoy.